The town watch guild normally trains skirmisher levy units, which are peasant levy units with a ranged attack. While just as weak as Peasant Levy, they are disciplined and should be fairly cheap enough to form a last-ditch line of defenders who might yet slow down the enemy enough until reinforcements can be called in.

Fort 3m

Units trainedEdit

  • Skirmisher levy
  • Longbow Levy
  • Crossbow Levy
  • Quadrilheiros
  • Akritae
  • Clann Levy

Special abilitiesEdit

Upon researching Imperial Mandate at the Nobles' Court, the Town Watch Guild will upgrade to a Magistracy for most Christian factions. This is a building with better stats, better LOS and a limited offensive capability. Additionally, it will not be captured along with its host city, and an enemy must bribe or destroy the building once and for all to eliminate it.

The Portuguese Town Watch Guild has a design that is distinct compared to other factions, and has better stats: it has higher armour, the ability to garrison units, and is built faster. If it is captured by any faction other than another Portuguese player. it will not create units for the interlopers, thus ensuring that cities that Portugal recently lost will be easier to capture back.