"The Bohemian Crusade dissolved and streamed away from the battlefield at the sound of the Hussites' wagons and the distant chanting of their troops; it did not even wait to fight."

Wells HG et al; A short history of the world (1967 rev ed); Penguin Books

Tabór: Vital statistics

Unit type

Super heavy cavalry

Built/trained at

Siege workshop

Damage and weapon type

High; musketoon rounds



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 100Log, 50Coin,
  • Ramp cost: 5Log, 9Coin, 1Book


  • Very good range
  • Low LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: slow
  • Creation speed: Very slow

Unit HP


Technological requirements

  • Library:
    • Military level 3 (Heraldry and Chivalry)
  • Castle
    • Bombardment
  • Upgrade of War Wagon

Factions available


A Tabór is named after the Taborites, a militant Christian sect which originated in Bohemia near a city of the same name during the Hussite Wars in the early 15th century. Unlike the War Wagon which exploys the use of flaming projectiles, the Tabór now fires multiple musketoon rounds, and also has enhanced armour and hitpoints, making it ever more deadly to anyone not using siege weapons. Still, a Tabór is good only as long as it can grant protection to your army, and you should keep enemy siege weapons from reaching your units at all costs.

Prior to the Hussite Wars, warfare often revolved around the deployment of cavalry and infantry in formation, and the Hussite general Jan Žižka realised that since the Taborite militia wasn't going to be effective against the knights of the Imperial armies, something had to be done in order to at least blunt the expected heavy cavalry assaults that were to take place. Instead of using pikemen, Žižka had his men deploy carts in combat which functioned as both transport and a portable fortification, manned by troops with early firearms. This was then followed by a counter-attack by the Hussite infantry which would mean that both armies would now be fighting on more equal terms. Although Žižka would meet his end by disease in 1424, and the Hussites were soon crushed and re-assimilated into mainstream Chrsitianity, the effectiveness of the Hussite wagon fort strategy would time and again be proven on battlefields throughout Europe, Central Asia, North America and Africa for centuries to come.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Slow but tough siege unit which fires multiple musketoon rounds.
  • Although near-impervious to normal infantry and cavalry, Tabóry are highly weak against siege weapons and elephants — keep these from attacking your Tabors at all costs.