"A man with his eyes on the sky does not see the scorpion at his feet. A man with his eyes on the ground does not see the dragon in the air."

— David Gemmell

Scorpion: Vital statistics

Unit type

Siege artillery

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

High; bolt



Production cost

  • Pop Cost: 2
  • Resource cost: 150Coin; 70Log
  • Ramp cost: 5Coin; 5Log


  • Very good range
  • Medium LOS

Unit creation and movement speed

  • Movement Speed: Slow
  • Creation speed: Slow

Unit HP


Technological requirements


  • Tecture

Upgrades to Springald

Factions available

All except Serbia

Like the venomous animal it was named after, a Scorpion is a siege machine that packs a punch against infantry. While not as destructive against buildings and fortifications as a mangonel, the Scorpion nevertheless has a range and rate of fire that makes it more than just a match for all but the finest archers: it surpasses them. Infantry will know all too well its sinister reputation when multiple Scorpions begin firing javelins into their ranks. However, like all siege weapons a Scorpion is exceedingly slow and must be deployed in an area before it can begin firing away, and so it is vulnerable to close-up melee attacks, although it must be noted that it has a lower minimum range compared to catapult-type machines. Not to mention its price. While mangonels cost metal and wood, scorpions however need wealth instead of metal, and thus you will need a solid economy in order to field these lethal machines of mass destruction.

Because it isn't that effective a weapon, the best use for a Scorpion is as a form of defensive artillery. A team of three Scorpions can be defended using other units, especially infantry, to help fend off cavalry which can find windows of opportunity to attack and destroy them. The far range and devastating power of Scorpions can then be used to fend off massed infantry formations. Scorpions are not ideal for use against enemy ships, because ships tend to have higher hitpoints and often have weapons as strong or even stronger than those of Scorpions. Eventually however you will have to choose to upgrade your Scorpions to Springalds, or switch to the costlier but more efficient Culverin.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Powerful siege weapon with a good rate of fire; excellent against infantry (especially archers), but has mediocre performance against buildings.
  • This Is Personnel — Because the Scorpion's range and weaker attack make it less efficient at demolishing buildings, use Scorpions to take out enemy units instead.
  • Screening Process — Keep your Scorpions must be well-defended when being moved from one area to another, and watch out for enemy siege weapons such as Mangonels which can outrange them.
  • At What Price Victory? — A Scorpion is a very costly weapon since it requires wealth to be constructed — keep this in mind if you plan to assemble a contingent of Scorpions to fight for you.