Units createdEdit

Dark AgeEdit

Tech requirementsEdit

To access heavy and siege ships, Military Level 1 (Feudal Levies) is required

Castle AgeEdit

Tech requirementsEdit

  • Castle Age
  • Military Level 3 (Heraldry and Chivalry)

Imperial EraEdit

Tech requirementsEdit

Imperial Era must be researched to upgrade mainstream light and heavy ships. For upgrades of light ship to superlight class:

  • Legalism
  • Science Level 4 (Chemistry)

For upgrades of heavy ship to superheavy class:

  • Absolutism
  • Science Level 4 (Chemistry)

For upgrades to a galleasss:

  • Imperial Era
  • Construction Level 3 (Engineering)

For upgrade of fire boat:

  • Strategy Level 3 (Operations)


  • Siege ships are immediately converted into superheavy vessels once the superheavy ship research is complete.
  • Portuguese, Moorish, and Sicilian vessels do not require govt upgrades (Legalism; Absolutism) to be available.

Individual tech treesEdit

With the exception of Western factions:

  • China and Japan receive the swooper, covered swooper, tower ship, war junk and South Sea barque.
  • Mongolia does receives the swooper and covered swooper only, and can build only the lanternas.