We care not for these martial men
That do our states disdain;
But we care for those merchant men
Who do our states maintain.

— Traditional English song, arr Thomas Ravenscroft, Deuteromelia (1609)

Brigantine: Vital statistics

Unit type

Super light ship

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

Medium; explosive shell



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 2
  • Resource cost: 30Log; 30Food; 10Book
  • Ramp cost: 10Food


  • Decent weapon range
  • Extensive LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: unbelievable
  • Creation speed: medium

Unit HP


Technological requirements



  • Bullypulley Castrum

Upgrade of War Galley

Factions available

All, except

Brigantines are superb vessels. Not only are they better than war galleys in the Imperial Era, they are also have substantially more hitpoints and speed. Such power and strength however comes at a cost, however: not only must you have skilled artisans and engineers, you must also be able to allow for small, self-sustaining crews to keep them running. Thus, brigantines cost an additional 1 wood in ramp compared to the war galley, and are also available only to those with Legalism researched.

Historically, non-oared vessels dependent on sail power were clumsier and more difficult to use than galleys. It was not until towards the beginning of the 1600s that wind-propelled vessels began to replace galleys as the backbone of many navies, and even then, galleys still had their uses throughout Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The brigantine represented one such cross-over between oared vessels and fully sail-powered vessels in Europe. Being able to strike hard and fast, it was named as such by the Italians (in Italian, "brigantino") because it was the favourite vessel of pirates in the Mediterranean.