War without fire is like a sausage without mustard.

— Jean Juvénal des Ursins

Vital Statistics

Unit type

Siege artillery

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

High; explosive shell



Production cost

  • Pop cost:
  • Resource cost: ? wealth ? knowledge
  • Ramp cost: ???


  • range: 1–???
  • LOS????

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: slow
  • Creation speed: ???

Unit HP


Technological requirements


  • Bullypulley Castrum

Factions available

All, except

A bombard is the most powerful of all gunpowder units. Although it has a higher cost, lower accuracy and reload speed, and rather poor mobility, it is sufficiently destructive enough that it is used primarily as a siege weapon against static targets — commonly, buildings. Culverins can do the same, but are not as effective. A bombard's range and attack also make it an effective counter to all siege weapons, although it is slightly outranged by wooden trebuchets.

Like all artillery units, however, bombards are vulnerable to attack by other siege weapons (provided the bombard falls into their range) and will fall apart rather quickly if attacked at melée range, thus these units cannot be simply used on their own. Use your bombards to take apart any ballistae or culverins that your opponent might be using and any and all fortifications, and escort them with a mix of infantry and cavalry: infantry perform the important job of protecting the bombards, while cavalry can be used to cut down the opponent's trebuchets if they can find them.

The Magyar have the ability to create Super Bombards — although this type of gun is slower to transport and build, it is also substantially more powerful, being capable of smashing apart buildings in an instant if left to their own devices.